Structured Cabling

Network Infrastructure is the transport mechanism for all of the data on your network. With a constantly increasing amount of data being produced and accessed on a regular basis, the need for solid dependable network infrastructure is more important then ever. Left unchecked, streaming media and recreational Web surfing can clog corporate networks with unnecessary traffic and starve mission-critical applications of the bandwidth needed to run effectively.

Structured Wiring

Cabling for a reliable voice and data network is very critical but often overlooked; remarkably it is usually passed off to a general contractor or electrician to perform. Southland Technology's services include a fully staffed voice and data network cable contracting department. Our experienced technicians can install and certify any size cabling project. When making major investments in your network, it only makes sense to have a single point of contact to design and warrant your entire platform.

Equipment Racks and Rooms

The environment for your expensive server and network infrastructure is crucial to its form and functionality. Our equipment room and rack technicians are familiar with all network hardware, cable management, power and environmental requirements. Our all-round experience allows us to design and custom build equipment room(s) to best suit your needs, we can save valuable budget dollars while delivering the needed space, appearance, reliability, expandability and simple to manage design. Call us and ask our estimators to provide you a free consultation and quote.

Surge Protection and Power Cooling

Southland Technology offers surge protection, harmonic filtering and voltage regulation from small office to data center to industrial environments.

Uninterruptible Power for Desktops, Servers and Data Centers

Southland Technology offers power protection and management solutions for the small office to data center to industrial environments

Rack Power Distribution for Server Rooms and Data Centers

Global power densities are increasing and becoming more unpredictable. Whether deploying rack power distribution in a wiring closet, server room, or data center, Southland Technology offers a consistent way to meet a variety of power density applications.

Security and Environmental Monitoring

Schools and school districts face increasing challenges to provide higher-speed, more reliable Wi-Fi to students, teachers and staff. New mandates such as digital textbooks and 1:1 initiatives require entire classes to concurrently get online to view material, collaborate on projects and present their work.

Audio-Video Power Solutions

Southland Technology offers power solutions for the ultimate audio-video experience. Not all power conditioners are equal. Pure sine-wave battery backup, surge protection, isolated noise filtering, and voltage regulation all combined in a single unit to deliver pure, uninterrupted power for high performance AV, home security, and home theater systems.


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